The Luxeology Magazine Show brings intelligent, topical and stylish features with a fresh and unique twist.

Providing in-depth insights into everything luxurious. Led by our resident presenter and psychological coach Viraj Yadav, accompanied by Luxeology experts, seamlessly marrying luxury and psychology.


Where Luxury and Psychology are Connected

Fashion & Beauty

Turning the spotlight onto luxury brands sought after by all those with taste and means – from the must have items of each season, to the classic ‘investment’ pieces that we all desire to own.

Unravelling the psychological influence of fashion, beauty and treatments on you, whilst helping you manage with the pressure of looking younger and fitting into the societal norms of beauty.


We will provide advice and translating the twists and turns of each meaningful (or not….) relationship in your life; helping you navigate the roller coaster of feelings through the use of psychological strategies.

Whether it’s meeting someone new or understanding your current relationship – we’ll arm you with your personal toolkit for managing relationships.

Reviewing and turning the spotlight on top-tier and exclusive restaurants, you will experience a culinary adventure to stimulate your body, mind and taste-buds.

We will help you understand the psychological significance of the décor and use of colour in the ambience of each establishment that blends together to create the perfect dining experience. 



Whether it’s French flair, Scandinavian chic or Modern living - interiors have a life of their own.

Rich with personality and exuding sheer elegance, there’s a statement to be made. And we will help you make it. Gracious and pure, or playful and enticing, we will help you decide on a style that is a perfect extension of your personality.



Looking at elegant destinations from the Morgan Plaza, Beijing to the Ice Hotel in Sweden. And covering every occasion whether it’s culture, adventure or excitement you desire. We will bring them all to life and include a special element focusing on your mental and physical well-being, matching destinations to your psychology.

Through psychological insight, testing and analysis our business coverage will explore key elements of current successful business practices and offer strategies and solutions to drive your business forward. As well as keeping you updated with all that is happening in the business world.

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Guests will be interviewed by Viraj and be led through their personal experiences of the journey they've been on to reach the point they're now at in their life. Through his gentle probing he will help them unearth some of their personal attributes and help them understand what it is that made them react the way they did.

Celebrity Interviews